Down time from broken equipment

throws a wrench in your fitness goals

We’ve all been there- you’re putting in the work, getting stronger and faster everyday. Your goal is in sight… and your equipment breaks down. Prevent that disruptive down time with a preventative maintenance package.

We’ll schedule regular checks that are customized to your equipment so that we can find potential equipment failures before they cause injury or interfere with your fitness goals. Call us today for details.

Commercial or residential
Preventative Maintenance plans

A Preventative Maintenance plan for your commercial equipment saves you endless headaches and expensive repair bills. We go over each machine using a multipoint checklist to spot any potential issues or concerns, then review it with you. If a machine is in need of repair, we service all brands and are a Certified Warranty Provider for 15+ manufacturers. We’ll help keep your machines running smoothly and your gym members happy – call to learn more about our plans.