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  • Free Beer & Hot Wings
    Free Beer & Hot Wings

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FREE BEER & HOT WINGS SHOW. The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show began as an afternoon show in Omaha, NE at non-commercial radio station KIWR in March of 1997. The Show, comprised of former Central Michigan University roommates Gregg Daniels and Chris Michels, eventually moved to mornings several months later where they remained until the summer of 2000. At that time, they moved on to WBON in Knoxville, TN. In June of 2002, The Show moved to New Jersey, where they were simulcast on WTHK in Trenton and WCHR on the Jersey Shore. The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show began full syndication in 2004 with the addition of WGRD in Grand Rapids, MI. Joe joined the show in 2005, followed by Steve in 2009 and Justin in 2016. The show is now heard on radio stations in 26 different states.

  • Travis Larabe
    Travis Larabe

    From the time I was in fifth grade, I knew I wanted to be on the radio (after pro wrestler, astronaut, and President of the United States didn’t work out). I took courses at Brockway High School and obtained my degree in Communications Media from Lock Haven University. This basically means I’m no longer just crazy; I’m crazy and smart.
    After being a part of the weekend crew here in Dubois, I’m proud to be the one getting you through your day here on Clear Rock. This really is my dream job as I get paid to sit in a studio everyday and listen to rock music while talking with you Clear Rock 95.9 FM.

  • Mike Donavan
    Mike Donavan

    I was hooked on radio at an early age after getting my first transistor radio.(does that make me old?) I always seemed to have a radio with me, no matter what I was doing.  I got the opportunity to fulfill my media dreams when I enlisted in the Navy and served as a Journalist on board the Sixth Fleet Flagship USS Albany.

    After my enlistment I returned to Central Pa., and started my commercial radio career. I have worked at many radio stations in central Pa over the past 40+ years and am proud to be the Program Director and afternoon guy on Clear Rock 95.9!

  • Hard Drive with Lou Brutus
    Hard Drive with Lou Brutus

    Since its birth, hardDrive has become a respected and influential extreme rock (for those you who don’t know what this is, suffice to say it’s a cross between hard rock and modern rock) radio show in broadcast history. Hosted since its inception by the award winning Lou Brutus, the show has constantly defined what new hard music is all about. hardDrive has given listeners across the continental United States and Alaska their first taste of bands including Disturbed, Godsmack, Rammstein, Slipknot and tool, among hundreds of others. Week after week, hardDrive interviews virtually every extreme musician that exists. ‘Nuff said. As long as hardDrive is on the air, U.S. citizens are assured inflation will remain low, American prestige will remain high, and extreme rock music will always have a home.

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